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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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no news is bad news in greece media workers walk out accusing the government of targeting journalists who are trying to bring the powerful into account. the rock obama and mitt romney refit their campaign buses to be disaster relief ballots but are accused of jumping on the superstorm vanderwagen for their election again. and her majesty's secret service is accused of covert time and racial profiling and taking british citizens off the radar under the war on terror baradar.
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thank you for joining r t it's the last day of the month on karen broadcasting to you from our studio in moscow well greek journalists have walked out on their jobs angry at what they see as government censorship and changes to labor laws this follows the suspension of two t.v. presenters after they criticize the interior minister on air and denounced police for beating up activists during protests r.t. contributor iranian says it's not the only thing straining relations between the government and the media. millions that tension between their relationship with government and the journalists let couple days ago we saw that mr vaxevanis who is a popular journalist investigative journalist in greece was arrested because he was keep out least the. guards released their wages cold with more than two thousand. people who have money in debt was it
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a nice recent bank this least it is sad that it was event to this then the finance minister mr up on sunday no but he never gave it gave it to the government to the responsible to their sponsible people to investigate what's going on so mr fox about his fung that police and decided to publish it and he was arrested for that reason so government was blamed for a sensor see it because it is not supposed to both to have information for example and not been published many journalists even man simple people say that means their proposals are being mooted then finds ministers to be are wasted and not this journalist who revealed the truth sociologist but i get this so theaters today's protest action could help free opera pouring in greece which is tightening its grip on the media. it's a big welcome sign there's the day to strike by journalists. because
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if you combine government attacks and the fact that most major media outlets in greece are run by big corporations you have a problem in wilkinsons information in greece and i think also think that is that it is a necessary reaction under resistance larry lottery tarion from the part of the government kept telling the press freedom is one of the worst things still have in that country especially in that country where what we most need is male it's knowledge information and an open debate on identity if you don't have an open debate tentative to the current crisis then you simply have to follow whatever policies are being dictated was bad the so-called. homeless without power transport and a coastal disaster zone millions in the northeastern u.s. are now counting the cost of the deadly storm you know barack obama and mitt romney
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swapped campaigning to pitch and with relief efforts especially their electioneering was suspended but as the c. confidant reports that's not how it looked to some. this was the utah pursue pry it's negative. carol i think there's. a hurricane sandy crashing on shore i've never seen anything like this i'm at a loss for words to describe what the storm could do but there's no loss for words on the campaign trail and on the eastern coast of our nation a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times the storm that wreaked havoc on america's east coast is wreaking confusion in the last critical days of a tight race for president so how do you run for office about seeming insensitive to a national tragedy the candidates are certainly doing all they can to look like they aren't trying to score political points but their actions tell a different story president barack obama canceled his election rallies and returned to washington to focus on the storm. election will take care of itself next week
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leaving vice president biden to campaign on his behalf. one of the perks of running for president while occupying the white house is being able to make high profile visits like this one america's whether we are standing behind you and we're going to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet it means coming across as a president on the job which certainly helps when it's a job you're reapplying for the president been in close contact with fema. and all the agencies of course obama is the president with his advisors say means he needs to focus on the crisis at hand but in terms of how it affects the election i don't think anybody really knows obviously we want unfettered access to the polls but it's a choice that doesn't sit well with some political opponents you'll notice he's counseling his troops over the hurricane he did not cancel his trip over benghazi. and then those republican presidential contender mitt romney so far he stopped sending fund
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raising e-mail isn't affected states he used his campaign bus for relief efforts and put up a blog with the weather related advice he's also scrap schedule campaign events only it seems there are some fine print involved this may look like romney's campaigning in ohio a key swing state but his advisors say that's not the case the so-called victory rally was canceled out of sensitivity. instead of the campaign insists this is a hurricane relief a vent canned goods came hand in hand with anti obama t. shirts there was music and theme songs and those attending the supposedly nonpartisan event were treated to a video about romney getting america stronger that's what american president has to do. asked by a reporter whether this blurred the line between storm relief and politics romney's top strategist replied i agree i don't know how it happened people over politics or or politics. people it's certainly difficult to tell now we may be impossible to
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completely stop campaigning in the middle of a closely contested race but then why make the pretense of doing so it seems that both candidates could use a little bit of this age old advice say what you mean mean what you say and do what you say you'll do lucy calf and r.t. moscow. and you can head to our to dot com for the latest updates on what's happening in the areas affected by superstorm sandy as well as the election and next monday on the eve of the crucial vote will bring you another live debate between the alternative third party candidate choices for the white house. we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's get back to something the president i agree on and you tube you agree that the voters have a choice perhaps you wonder who to vote for whatever romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on
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r.g.p. . for years british intelligence has been working to safeguard national security against threats such as terrorism and espionage but the secretive nature of their work sometimes gives rise to suspicion of extreme tactics charge getting innocent people are probably boyda reports now on one claim that intelligence agents have to resort to to persecute rather than to protect. somali born mahdi hashi had grown up in the u.k. from the age of five he was a british citizen until this summer when the twenty three year old went missing and his family found out that the home office had stripped him of his passport for allegedly being involved in islamic extremism his parents are distraught they say that mahdi is an innocent victim of a british intelligence plot or because he refused to work for m i five all i can see is that the he's a muslim and believes and he's a practicing muslim but being
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a muslim is not being an islamist. that's what that's all why he's being victimized this is the quiet north london community center where mehdi hashi worked back in two thousand and nine it was then that he and four of his muslim colleagues say that they were approached and harassed separately by security agents it's came that m i five threatened to label them islamic extremists if they refused to become informants for british intelligence campaign is raising awareness for maddie's plight and said that the constants threats made by british intelligence made life so unbearable that he left the u.k. they were trying to offer him a job saying that you know effectively you're an extremist we know you're the only way out of this is for you to come and work for us to come and help us these will become tactics that were being used because it's all somali origin this is a purely racist profiling policy of the british government and particular security
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agencies marty had been living in somalia for the past two years taking care of his grandmother and raising a son of his own but several months ago he disappeared leaving his family in despair my son is missing this summer this summer but i don't know if you know if you lived or died and almost here. we are very. family the only information the hashi family have now comes from a man who contacted them to say that he'd been in prison with matty in djibouti and he told us that he had been fingerprinted and d.n.a. has been taken from him and then. contacted they found out that he supports this in the conduct of the british consul and the british consulate see that we have go to the movies or this decision from him and then the americans took him to. somewhere we don't know they don't know but they fear he's being held at
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a camp in djibouti and a tourist us anti terrorist base where he may be the victim of an american rendition program in which suspects are unlawfully taken to third party states to be illegally detained and tortured the hashi family want on says to simple questions like what the allegations are against maddie where he is located and whether he's even alive but when it comes to matters of intelligence they're faced with a wall of silence lawyers acting on behalf of the hashi family have received just this response from the government it has been the policy of successive governments neither to confirm or deny speculation allegations or assertions in respect of intelligence matters this policy is maintained and accordingly the secretary of state can neither confirm nor deny the allegations made on behalf of your client. these cases a classic case where profiling and you know kind of almost ludicrous policies with
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. this war on terror result in an innocent individual helpless young man effectively having their life ruined campaigners say that by stripping maddie hashi of his passport the british government has effectively washed their hands of his case leaving his family to continue the search for answers about their now stateless son. r t london. pro or from perth pro-reform rather protesters are defying the ban on rallies and press demonstrations are reported any capital with human rights groups closely watching how the authorities react details after the break. it's perched atop a jaw drop and the view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for
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a city to all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed but a chance i bear in railway but the a spiritual center. seems like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of worshippers themselves implicity water to commemorate the baptismal jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of the state revenue but the location head of the says for the russians the
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russian crowd a revolt against the eighteen plenty five known as the decembrists will stand here in droves there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also serves up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office where the solid nickel is the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they were the fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves whilst leaving this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of escape but within the desire of his family would be dead.
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welcome back you're watching r t live from moscow with me karen tara well anti regime demonstrations are reportedly continuing in the capital manama despite a ban on mass public gatherings but many authorities imposed the restrictions on tuesday to try to halt the ongoing protests against the ruling family and they claim the pro reform rallies are a threat to national unity and happen cracking down on dissent tear gas and mass arrests international human rights groups have demanded that bahrain immediately lifts the ban saying it's a complete violation of the right to freedom of expression and assembly opposition member. says the government is fueling the crisis it claims it's trying to prevent . this is a good time for. government that. nothing but in
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a small institutions these are the solutions taken by individual and when they are talking about maintaining the peace and stability on. more than one hundred and the last the people of this. month's. political wind people demand. their arms to block this if there is a spike be a bottle of the government being bought out that it just looked a little thirteen which spoiled the having and then. there is that there are just a few doing the lot and worse and bottom because what they're going to do with it is that they will see what they did and. they will see each ball and was told what to believe you can do from going outside of their homes this is not going green and this idiot this is going to make things last if somebody from very tonight
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not to morrow ignore them to go. through. any condition we need more from their community and this will bring them. to that it will all negotiations are going into this if you are disillusioned and if you. want this is us and. now look at some other international stories and pray for the sour a motorcycle. trying has killed at least seven people and injured dozens of others in a damascus suburb and other explosive device was nearby and a few the un an arab league envoy meanwhile has visited china to try and get support and his efforts to broker peace. two separate attacks in southern afghanistan have claimed the lives of at least fifteen people. a security checkpoint was ambushed killing seven afghani policemen the unknown attacker then collected the victim's weapons and fled the scene while
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a suspected taliban roadside bomb has killed at least eight civilians seven of them women. angry crowds of civilians and former rebels have stormed the libya's parliament building in the capital forcing a vote on the new government line up to be postponed their anger was directed at proposed cabinet ministers they consider too close to the old gadhafi regime a national general congress was elected as the ruling body in july wednesday's incident highlights the struggle to bring libya under control a year after the revolution. israel says iran has stepped away from its alleged pursuit of atomic weapons defense minister who had bought off admitted to iran use some of its enriched uranium to make fuel rods for medical research but claims it's just a delaying tactic of war and a military strike is still on the table this comes in contrast to prime minister netanyahu statement at the u.n. last month that iran was on the brink of creating a nuclear bomb then yahoo is now in france calling on paris to push for tougher
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sanctions against iraq. turkey's prime minister is in berlin that got an angry response from thousands who had gathered in the german capital demonstrators who are mainly syrians living in germany accused on kada of warmongering by supporting rebels and with the recent cross border shelling of grounding and grounding of syria bound planes prime minister everyone and chancellor merkel try to see eye to eye on syria one thorn in their talks is turkey's drawn out e.u. membership application at the once patience is running out giving a ten year deadline to let it join or turkey look elsewhere one german m.p. told us that there's a fine line between keeping turkey on side while keeping it at arm's length. the german capital has a huge interest in turkey as a market and geo politico. in the middle. to do with their own. interventionist policy the human rights situation in turkey is
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terrible for over one hundred journalists in prison in turkey over ten thousand political prisoners and therefore the turkish government coming to europe and talking about integration and human rights but not defending human rights in turkey and the turkish government they are making escalation politics to war to war against syria educating al-qaeda militants they are educating the free syrian army soldiers and they are passing them weapons turkey is a nato member state and turkey is not acting without this. conference with washington and berlin backing such an aggressive. foreign policy of turkey. their citizenship for sale if you fancy you can support death. is opening its
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borders should those with big enough wallets who then buy into the struggling government as we report online. and america's drug dogs get hounded by the courts as to whether their names on now since one of fired enough to legally sniff out suspects. and next with business so the shareholder conflict in the world's largest nickel miner may be coming to learn yes it might as well be because it started negotiations the two main shareholders we're talking about of course. both billionaires their own around a quarter of the company each four years they've been arguing over dividends and the management of the firm and now commerce are very newspaper says they want to come up with a new shareholder agreement which could result in buying additional shares in the. company for example or did if asco could invite a new independent head to norris nicole with another metal shows front of as
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a likely but it. also british conglomerate virgin and russia's nano corporation ross nano will now collectively invest into energy going to do this they have created a mutual fund worth hundreds of millions of dollars virgin's president richard branson told us up to a third of a billion dollars will be invested in energy efficiency enterprises. also recently virgin lost of but sold to fly from london to moscow to easy jet and richard branson was pretty upset about that as he said in our exclusive interview that we will have to morrow in our brand new formats at around six thirty pm london time to join us having a full ten minute program on that and other stories secular what's happening on the markets today now we're all of course anticipating in one hour in one hour eight minutes we have the opening of the u.s. markets and it's expected to be both the futures on the dow are pointing so and so
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the r t s m i six are also gaining within one percent we've got financials like burberry gaining but gas from a still losing as investors continue to analyze its boosting ever growing investment program that means dividends will likely be a pretty small in the coming year all right over on the currencies market the euro is still gaining versus the u.s. the u.s. dollar and that's on the back of the assessment of damages that are akin sandy is still wreaking over in the united states that's unclear and also on hopes that greece might receive a bailout just anytime soon soon as that happens we might see some turbulence on the market but a very likely to see that and in the european markets we're also seeing a positive session mostly for the vacs of least it's half a percent with all to make it in the lead while london is cooling but barely. signs are. all right more on. another update of the business you so should say is
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coming your way in around fifty five minutes time meanwhile our special report in which we explore cases of bright snatching in kurdistan is up next on our t.v. stay with us. well for the. science technology innovation called the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. me speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spot skiffy r.p. interviews intriguing stories or you. can try. to find out more visit our big teeth called. what will
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change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the iran tightrope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads to parties still dictate their future this election up close guy every day to center fifth on our team. government no longer represents the people the people are going to take the term. we. believe in the traditional split in the middle east to. the way our economic system currently is not coming.
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up. i.
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wonder. thank you. one can touch. this killed his wedding draws to a close. brian been to parents a tearful goodbye. to him see them for over a week after the ceremony the bride to be taken to a new husband's house and kept in a room for seven days the young wife will have to spend all that time with the husband so she can get to know him she's never even kissed him and raised him all held his hand before. no one of the guests can be certain that the groom has ever even proposed as a rino or if he simply kidnapped. veneer
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a customer was also a bride once over there was no white dress or limousine at her wedding veneer or lived with her husband for only a week then she ran away to hang herself. everyone was trying to persuade her that living together would be ok and this boy was also crying hard trying to talk green hearing into this marriage that she wanted to give it a try however it didn't work. the
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story shocked veneer as fellow students at the state university in a sickle. lire had been kidnapped not from their lows countryside or even a dark alley way but on her way home from school in broad daylight a car stopped on the university campus three strangers drawn tales grabbed an era and took her to a nearby village one of the kidnappers and said now you will be my wife and as i knew she called me every day after she'd been kidnapped and that even though she was a strong girl she was crying all the time she kept on books saying that she just didn't like it there. i told her to go away and to tell her sister as everything but she was scared she thought they would tell her to stay there. and that's why she didn't tell anyone a word.


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